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Empowering A New
Generation Of LGBTQ &
Allied Student Leaders


For Students

Want to know how to start a GSA at your school? Need to re-think how your GSA is run? Are you having some issues–poor attendance, lack of follow through–that you want to address? We have some resources to address these issues, are developing new resources, and are always available to answer any questions.  Check It Out!

For Educators

Has a student approached you about creating a GSA, and you’re not sure where to start? Is your GSA experiencing some issues–personality conflicts or dwindling membership–that you’d like to tackle head-on? Maybe you just want some ideas for activities and ice-breakers. We already have some resources for educators, are working on creating more, and are always available for one on one conversations. Check It Out!


Want to check out some more resources from other organizations? We have a growing list of links to other organizations, both based in Wyoming, and ones with a national presence. If you don’t see an organization listed that you think should be, we are always open to suggestions. Check It Out!